Professional Recommendations

Employer Reviews

Stephanie was a great addition to our team, and in her time here, she put processes in place that allowed us to scale our SEO projects with ease. She helped coordinate different departments to work together on the overall marketing strategies.

Stephanie was always very willing to learn new SEO techniques and methods and share those with her coworkers. She was a great team player and always looked for the most efficient and cost-effective way to increase our client’s online presence.

She was a pleasure to work with, and we wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

Frank Trotman

VP Operations, eLocal Solutions

Stephanie is a curious and driven person. She is analytical, creative, and a great strategic marketer.

When she worked for my company, she was always easy to work with, highly motivated, and always learning new ways to do things.

Stephanie is also one of the best listeners I have ever met. I’ve seen her connect well with all kinds of people, including some of the more demanding clients we have. And when seeking direction from upper management, she knows how to focus on the right questions.

Stephanie is a genius for designing new processes for saving time. I will gladly work with her again on any project.

Ryan Saucerman

CTO, Explore Digital

Stephanie is a passionate, disciplined, creative, hard worker. Her mentality was that of an owner in regards to her dedication towards the company’s success and the sacrifices she made in that pursuit.

Aaron Hall

CEO, Borrego Solar

Stephanie Hardman has worked for me as a program coordinator at NAVTEQ.

Specifically, she supported me in the Product Development and Operations Organization. While relatively new to the role Stephanie showed a surprising level of maturity and sophistication relative to her assignment.

She possesses very good instincts which led her to new and innovative solutions in challenging situations. She is also confident in her interactions with Sr. Mgt.

During the period when Stephanie worked at NAVTEQ she resolved a number of difficult challenges, in part, due to her winning attitude and cooperative spirit.

Stephanie is a high potential individual and I would welcome her back anytime. 

Stan Sikorski

VP of Product Development and Operations, NAVTEQ

Coworker Reviews

Stephanie always leads by example and provides actionable feedback to make it incredibly easy to work with her. She is enthusiastic, enjoys working hard to get things done, and consistently demonstrates sound judgment even in ambiguous, challenging situations. Her ability to effectively identify and communicate content needs stems from her empathy for various viewpoints, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Stephanie demonstrates an incredible passion for and knowledge of digital marketing strategies. Working with her has enriched my SEO and digital marketing knowledge and has allowed me to elevate content development and deployment.

David Habboud

Product Marketing Engineer, Altium

It has been a true delight to work with Stephanie for the past 4+ years. Whether helping produce and launch our podcast, or executing against (and scaling) a rock-solid content strategy, her contributions are invaluable. From imagination to execution and measurement–her rich capabilities shine through. Beyond all of this, she is wonderful to work with and has an exceptional customer-facing touch. Bright mind, expert execution, team player, and strong customer engagement–I think Altium won the lottery when we added Stephanie Hardman to our team!

Judy Warner

Director of Community Engagement, Altium

Stephanie inspires the best in the colleagues around her!

I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie going on three years. Frequently communicating with her team and attending a handful of weekly calls as we drive successful digital campaigns. She has a mastery of multiple digital form factors: video, podcast, long-form, short-form, and social strategies, to name a few. She has a motivating management style and addresses new challenges with analytical rigor. 

She is a fantastic individual to work with as I frequently walk away with a fresh appreciation for working with an awesome team. I highly recommend striking up a conversation with Stephanie if you find a chance.

John Gibbings

Stephanie immediately hit the ground running at Altium. Right away she set to work implementing improved processes and using new tools to optimize our content which has had a substantial impact on our inbound leads and site traffic.

All the while, she’s been fun and a pleasure to work with.

Ben Jordan

Engineering SME & Personality, Altium

Stephanie epitomizes what makes a good SEO manager. She focuses on the various outreach methodologies involved so that the quantity of her efforts is high and increases on an ongoing basis. In particular, her emphasis on the quality of the content raises the SEO efforts she oversees to ensure that the search results and the information the searchers receive are of real value beyond “just a click.” This in turn raises the overall value and outside opinion of the companies and clients with whom she works.

Kella Knack

Director of Strategic Marketing, Avishtech

Stephanie did a terrific job in advising and guiding us through the process of improving the web presence of Spatial Justice Resources. We have seen a significant increase in engagement and audience thanks to the design and implementation by Explore Digital.

Stephanie made sure that the client’s perspective and the implementation team were in synch and that the project was completed successfully on time and on budget. She was indispensable to the success of our project.

Barry Glick

Director, Advisor, Partner, Mentor, NAVTEQ and Spatial Justice

Stephanie’s diligence, hard work, and experience helped reassure me that converting an old website built in the ’90s would be possible and possible for an actually affordable rate. Today that same site is a thriving, fully functional e-commerce site.

I cannot thank her enough for her intelligence, experience, and exceptional work ethic. Stephanie is a valuable asset to any team.

C. Steven Tucker

Principal Broker, Health Insurance Mentors

Stephanie is an exceptional person, who I enjoyed working with at NAVTEQ. She is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Stephanie is extremely diligent, thoroughly reliable, and is a great asset to any company.

Vivek Sundararaman

Platform SRE, Apple

Stephanie is a curious person who is always looking for opportunities to learn and for a creative solution to problems. She is never satisfied just with the ordinary way of doing things. Because of these characteristics, I enjoyed working together with her a lot, but I also liked her open and direct attitude with regard to people and friends.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Schäfer

Professor at FH Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Stephanie is a very diligent and hardworking individual who can be counted upon to deliver on her commitments.

Stephanie is very willing to learn and take on additional responsibilities and is quite capable. I have worked with Stephanie on a couple of projects and look forward to working on many more in the future.

Martin Swinney

IT Director, NAVTEQ

Stephanie has high energy and leadership. She has strong communication skills with an ability to provide a simple explanation for complex technical concepts. She used those often to create customer proposals and sales presentations for the leadership team.

Her ability to analyze industry trends allowed her to focus on strategic directions that were based on market needs.

Stephanie often champions new ideas and evangelizes technology services to internal associates.

Mark Naddell

VP of Developer Program, NAVTEQ

Stephanie is a fantastic person and she was surely one of my favorite colleagues at NAVTEQ.

She is energetic and open-minded, creative but persistent and task-oriented and she feels completely at ease in an international environment.

Wim De Munck


I worked very closely with Stephanie for over a year, and she was fantastic at overseeing the US branch of the SEO department at Altium®. She was communicative and implemented work methods where everyone was kept in the loop, focused, and knew exactly what tasks to get done. By highlighting people’s strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses, Stephanie remained adaptable and made efficient changes, so our work continuously increased in quality.

I can really only describe her energy as the “Leslie Knope” of the business world. Every meeting, she’d always come in with a positive attitude and seemed to be impenetrable to bad weeks. With an encouraging personality, powerful work ethic, and knowledgeable or creative solutions to any problem we ran into, she made me want to be a better employee and try to outperform my best each month!

Jamie Danton

Danton Dynamics